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Accessories, Controller and Equipment for Gaming

When it comes to gaming there are not many reliable providers of controller, gaming keyboards, gaming mouse, consoles or accessories. We made the ultimate test for you and checked several online gaming shops.


If you are looking for an easy way to customize your Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or an older console version of them, you can simply watch out for skins, sticker and decals. There are literally thousands of opportunities on how to individualize your gaming console. It requires almost no skills and everyone is able to do it. Skins and sticker are available in many different genres. You can choose from a huge selection of products: for example in the cartoon, movie, sport team or also in the pattern genre. Applying them on your console takes about two minutes. They are not only looking extraordinary and will make your friends wonder about if you got a limited version of the console, but also protect your console against many different kind of damages.


Any other accessories are also available. Take a look from battery charger, fans to silicone cases for your controller on the PS4 or Xbox One. Online gaming shops like Xesero are also providing gamer with custom PS4 and Xbox One controller. Most of them are not only running perfectly on the console, but they can also be used on the PC. Cases, shells and other items for the controller are protecting it against bumps, scratches and angry hardcore gamer. Some people just freak out at some games and in this moment it will be better you got your controller protected.


If you prefer to play on Handhelds you can easily check out the PS Vita, 3DS and 3DS XL skins, accessories and protectors. Buy bags, cases, shells or replacement equipment for your Handheld. It is the same for the consoles. You can customize it as you want. Some gamer are bringing their PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS to the school, train, airplane or any other places. In these environments it is better to fully protect your Handheld. Sometimes damages can happen very fast and suddenly. Make sure you are prepared for these kind of situations


PC Gaming is becoming more and more popular. Within the last two years there was a boom in the eSports community. More and more gamer became interested in eSports and even big companies and sport teams like Paris Saint Germain or other football teams are hiring gamer for eSports. Games like Dota 2, Starcraft and League of Legends are popular within eSports since many years, but now it seems new games will become popular eSports games as well. For example EA Sports FIFA. If you also want to play like a pro you can check out high quality gaming accessories for example ergonomic gaming keyboards with awesome backlit or colorful gaming mouses by Razer or any other company.

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